I live in England with my family. Mills & Boon romances were my first 'grown up' books I read as a teenager, alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier - and I've been reading them ever since!

I adore the English countryside - and the Welsh and the Scottish too, of course! It is a source of constant but ever-changing beauty, whatever the season, from the wild grandeur of the Caledonian Highlands to the cultivated farmland and woods of southern England, and a source of never-failing spiritual recharge. I love the history of these islands, from castles to cottages, and the rich tapestry of the changing historical periods, each with its own splendour and fascination.


But I love my European heritage, as well as my British heritage, and without doubt my favourite landscape after the English countryside has t


o be the Mediterranean. It is the cradle of European civilisation, and walking through its ancient towns and archaeological sites and across its sea-girt, aromatic landscape is a very great pleasure. And I can't help but believe that it is the ideal setting for romance! (Best of all, setting my books in the Mediterranean gives me a wonderful excuse to visit my favourite places there!)


When I'm not writing or spending time with my family, I love to try my hand at embroidery (but not dressmaking, alas, at which I'm completely useless!), or rooting around in the garden getting very muddy and messy. As a family we love to go walking, both in the UK or, better still, the Mediterranean. And though I'm a hopeless cook, I do love to bake really gooey, piggy cakes. (Unfortunately, I love eating them too, which is not so good for my ambition of keeping fit!)



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